STICA is a clinical multicenter study carried out in four institutions. The study is managed and coordinated by the Outpatient Clinic for Behavioral Addiction. The investigation has been approved by the Ethics Commission of the State Chamber of Medicine in Rhineland-Palatinate; in addition, the approval of regional ethic commissions has been obtained for the other participating centers. The study is carried out in close cooperation with the Interdisciplinary Center for Clinical Studies (IZKS) of the University Medical Center. The IZKS monitors the study for its entire duration and ensures that the study is carried out in accordance with all ethical, medical as well as legal conditions set for clinical studies.

Outpatient Clinic for Behavioral Addictions

The Sabine M. Grüsser-Sinopoli Outpatient Clinic for Behavioral Addiction is part of the Department for Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy of the University Medical Center as the first Outpatient Clinic for Internet Addiction. It has offered therapy for Behavioral Addiction since its foundation in 2008.

Patients with computer game or Internet addiction as well as patients with gambling addiction are thoroughly diagnosed and receive detailed advice. Depending on their symptoms (e.g. additional major depressive episode) and their psychological strain, patients are offered inpatient, day hospital treatment, outpatient group therapy or aftercare subsequent to inpatient therapy.

The Department of Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy offers outpatient, inpatient and day hospital care for patients with psychosomatic and mental disorders.



University Medical Center for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Tübingen

The University Medical Center for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Tübingen offers modern, patient-centered treatment for the entire spectrum of psychiatric disorders.

The section for Addiction Medicine and Addiction Research at the Department of General Psychiatry and Psychotherapy covers the following main research areas:

  • Alcohol Addiction
  • Addiction to illegal drugs
  • Addiction to medicines
  • Tobacco Addiction
  • Behavioral Addictions

Apart from the general Outpatient Clinic for Patients with Substance and non-Substance related Addictions, patients may turn to the Outpatient Clinic for Internet and Computer Game Addiction with its special offers for people affected by abusive or addictive Internet and Computer game use. During several initial individual appointments, a thorough diagnostic process clarifies the clinical picture and further possible psychological distress. The diagnostic evaluations are backed by specially developed questionnaires. Only after an accurate diagnosis will patients receive a recommendation for further therapy. The Outpatient Clinic's own therapy program consists of a behavior therapy oriented approach with group therapy lasting from 8 to 10 sessions. The therapy aims to create an understanding for the problem and to find alternatives to the original problematic behavior.

Department of Addictive Behavior and Addictive Medicine at the Central Institute of Mental Health Mannheim

The Department of Addictive Behavior and Addictive Medicine at the Central Institute of Mental Health specializes in the diagnostics and treatment of patients with Alcohol Addiction, Addiction to illegal drugs or Behavior Addiction (e.g. gambling addiction, shopping addiction as well as computer game and Internet addiction). The team consists of physicians and psychologists with long time experience in the treatment and the care of people with addiction problems.

The clinic has two units with a total of 24 beds as well as an outpatient clinic, whose tasks include counseling, diagnostics and treatment of patients. In addition, day care is offered in the day hospital since 2005.

Founded in 2009, the Outpatient Clinic for Gaming Addiction originally focused on pathologic gamblers due already existing forms of treatment. Starting this year, treatment of patients with computer game and Internet addiction has become a key aspect of the clinic.