Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD) refers to various activities on the Internet that are performed in an excessive and unregulated way by people affected by IAD.

The main manifestations of Internet Addiction Disorder are computer and online games (e.g.  browser games, online role playing games), the use of social networks and chats, surfing adult sites, participating in online gambling (e.g. poker, online-casinos), watching and collecting videos or movies (e.g. via streaming sites), excessive online shopping (e.g. internet auctions) or the aimless research and gathering of information (e.g. online information platforms or encyclopedias).

As treatment of Internet and Computer games Addiction is still a very young field, only few institutions in Germany offer treatment. The Outpatient Clinic for Behavioral Addiction of the University Medical Center Mainz offers a therapy specifically designed for internet and computer games addiction. This therapy has been pre-tested since 2008.

The current STICA study in Mainz, Mannheim, Tübingen and Vienna evaluates the efficacy and the underlying mechanisms of the behavior therapy developed in Mainz.