The following signs may indicate problematic internet use:

  • Excessive computer use or gaming occurs over a longer period (at least 12 months).
  • Affected people lose control over the beginning, the extent and the intensity of media use or gaming.
  • Attempts to reduce or quit computer use or gaming have failed repeatedly.
  • Affected people have an irresistible craving for computer use or gaming.
  • When media use is reduced or prohibited, withdrawal symptoms like restlessness, bad temper or lack of concentration occur.
  • Because of Internet use or gaming, commitments at school, at work or within the family are neglected.
  • Despite negative effects and conflicts occurring in major areas of life, the pattern of use is continued.
  • The person is mentally occupied with Internet use or gaming even during other activities.
  • Computer use or gaming is increasingly used to regulate feelings and the level of stress.
  • The behavior initially experienced as rewarding becomes more burdening.

Do you recognize some of these behaviors in yourself?  Are you between 17 and 55 years old? Do you think your Internet consumption or your gaming behavior might be excessive and you might not be able to control them by yourself anymore? If so, please contact one of our project partners.

Additionally the Outpatient Clinic for Behavioral Addiction of the University Medical Center provides a hotline available Monday through Friday from 12pm to 5pm at +49(0)6131-176064. Our staff provides advice, schedules appointments for meetings in Mainz, or provides you with the contact information of other project centers.