STICA is the first randomized, multicenter study in the world that focuses on treatment for Internet Addiction. The detailed approach is as follows: The participating study centers will assign patients to a therapy group or a wait list control group at random.  By comparing these two groups, we want to evaluate the effectiveness of the special behavior short-term intervention. Treatment consists of 15 group and 8 individual sessions. Eventually all patients of the study will receive the therapy — the control group will be treated after a period of 4 months.

As the operation chart indicates, informed consent is obtained and eligibility for the study is examined at the start.  If both premises are available, participation criteria are tested in accurate examinations.

If participants meet the criteria, they are randomly assigned to the therapy or to the control group. About 8 patients then immediately begin to receive treatment whereas the control group has to wait during this period.

Two months into therapy as well as after treatment both groups attend further diagnostic interviews.

After treatment for the therapy group has ended, therapy starts for the control group.

All participants in the therapy group will be interviewed 6 months after treatment so that the long-term effects may be assessed.